Lisbon, Portugal

This post was written by Giovanna Trimoldi, a noisy laugh, perserverant and exuberant italian girl. Love to work with people, take pictures and dance. Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, changed my life in 2013. I was looking for myself and from that year I couldn’t find a place where I felt so strongly, fully and … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal

Istanbul, Turkey

This post was written by Gonçalo Guerreiro, a Lisbon-based wanderer always ready to hop on the next trip to find the best views, and food. Istanbul it’s probably the most famous city in Turkey. It was capital for the East-Roman empire, home for the Ottomans, and it spans through Europe and Asia. It’s big, full … Continue reading Istanbul, Turkey

Northern Croatia

This post was written by Cristina Purcar, a travel and sports addict mixed with a bookaholic and food lover, who’s still looking for her place in the world. Croatia is my favourite Eastern European country and I decided this long before I started watching Game of Thrones. I visited twice, once on an impromptu road-trip with two strangers … Continue reading Northern Croatia